On July 1, Remco Oostendorp was appointed Professor of International Economics. Remco Oostendorp has been Associate Professor of Development Economics within the Department of Economics since 2005.

His main research interests have been at the intersection of Development Economics and International Economics, including work on firm determinants of export behavior, the impact of trade and foreign direct investment on the gender wage gap, and the impact of the global financial crisis on firm performance in developing countries. An important research theme of Remco Oostendorp is the local and global drivers of the global wage structure over the past 50 years. Currently he is also involved in a NWO/WOTRO funded project to evaluate the impact of contract farming/ global value chain integration on smallholder farmers in Kenya and an IZA/DFID funded research project looking at firm survival and performance in Zimbabwe in the context of hyperinflation, political instability and dollarization.

The research of Remco Oostendorp relies strongly on primary data collection on firms, workers and farms in developing countries, particularly Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia. His research has appeared in prestigious journals such as The Review of Economics and Statistics, The World Bank Economic Review, The Economic Journal, and Economic Development and Cultural Change. He is a Resource Person for the African Economic Resource Consortium (AERC), and also affiliated as research associate or fellow with the Tinbergen Institute, Centre for the Study of African Economies (CSAE, University of Oxford), and Amsterdam Institute for International Development (AIID). He has also worked as an international consultant for the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, ILO, UNDP, among others.

In a separate appointment, as of July 1, Remco Oostendorp is also the Director of the new Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies.