The board of Netspar has granted its’ largest funding to the joint project “Uncertainty over the life” of VU, Leiden and Groningen University and the University College of London (UCL). Netspar funds amount to half a million, while the rest is provided by the 4 academic institutions and by The Dutch National Bank (DNB) where Mauro is employed most of his time.

Within the VU, the project relies on the expertise of Hans Bloemen and Stefan Hochguertel, who will (again) co-supervise the PhD student that will be hired with the available funds.

“I am really glad that Netspar has given me the opportunity to participate into this project, the largest of the 3 Netspar grants that I have won” – according to Mastrogiacomo – “but after the initial celebrations, I now must work hard to find a suitable PhD student. I really hope that this time Tinbergen Institute will be able to provide a candidate, as this would also help to relax the financial burden of hiring a student for my department”.

Mauro’s project will start in 2017 and should be completed in 2020. More information? Contact