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“The Master in Economics is of great value. It is rigorous, taught by an excellent and internationally recognized faculty and attracts students from all over the world. The degree definitely helped me in getting my current job as a macro economist at Rabobank (which I love), but it opens up opportunities in the public sector as well.”

Raphie Hayat (graduated in 2007, Rabobank)

In 2014, I finished the MSc program in Economics. I strongly recommend the Master Economics to all students who are interested in macro and micro economics. The quality is very high and it is challenging. It offers interesting courses ranging from international economics to labor economics and development economics. Personally I am interested in the housing market and international economics. In my thesis, I was able to combine both. I am proud that I managed to publish a summary of my thesis in the main Dutch scientific journal (ESB).

Reinoud Linschoten (graduated in 2014, now BoFEB-trainee Ministry of foreign affairs)

I learnt how to connect and understand seemingly unrelated issues. Those analytical skills turned out to be extremely useful in the practice of consultancy. Every day I benefit from the tools I learnt at the MSc economics at the VU.

Rianne de Vos (graduated in 2008, Consultant at Willis Towers Watson)

During my Bachelor at the university of Amsterdam I became interested in Development Economics and the Master in Economics taught me the right knowledge and skills to work in this sector. It is a challenging program, but after graduation you will have great analytical skills and a broad range of job opportunities. The degree provided me the opportunity to work as a Junior Researcher at the Amsterdam Institute for International Development (AIID), which fits perfectly with my interests.

Emilie Berkhout (graduated in 2015, AIID)

This Master helps you to develop your analytical skills, understand economic behavior in general and how different economic environments can affect supervised institutions. These are key elements for good supervision.

Nick Rade (graduated in 2006, DNB, Dutch Central Bank)

Last year I graduated from the MSc program in Economics at the VU University. It offers a variety of interesting courses which are taught by inspiring professors who encourage and challenge you. The program is small scaled and you get to work in small teams of both national and international students. The degree really helped me get a position for a traineeship at the Rabobank. I definitely enjoyed my time at the VU.
Sanne Bruijns (graduated in 2015, Rabobank)

Choosing Vrije Universiteit was a perfect decision in many aspects. The program conveys sound knowledge of macro- and microeconomic theory as well as state of the art econometric methods at an advanced academic level. As a student you are also encouraged to work in small groups in order to solve assignments, e.g. conducting econometric analysis on a given dataset or writing policy-briefs on current economic topics. As a result, you will acquire analytical and methodic skills preparing you for both, either a professional or an academic career. Above all of this, you will have the opportunity to meet with inspiring people from all over the world. Some of them, certainly, will become good friends!

Simon Oehler, (graduated 2014, Deutsche Bundesbank)

“The master programme in economics at FEWEB has provided me with a sound understanding of some of the most important insights of modern economic thought. In my current job as an economist at the Dutch Central Bank I rely tremendously on the skills that I have acquired during my year at the VU. Therefore I would like to motivate every student who is aspiring a career in economic analysis to participate in this programme.

Patrick Kosterink, (graduated 2015, Nederlandsche Bank)

I chose the Master Economics because of the high quality of education offered at the VU. Moreover, the program is small scaled and very internationally oriented. I learned a lot from working in small teams of smart and motivated students. This degree gives me many career options. I did an internship at the Rabobank and just returned from a few months of traveling and am trying to start working in sustainability consultancy.

Tara Janssen (graduated in 2015, research department of the Rabobank on sustainability)

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