Bas van der Klaauw, professor at the department of Economics, has received a prestigious VICI grant for senior researchers from NWO. With this €1,5 million grant, Bas will execute his research proposal titled “Improving Human Capital by Allocating individuals Efficiently to Schools and Jobs” for the next five years, together with two postdocs and one PhD student. VICI is a funding instrument from the Talent Scheme of NWO. It gives senior researchers the opportunity to build their own research group. It is one of the largest grants in the Netherlands.

Summary of the research:
Since the start of the financial crisis in 2008 the number of permanent jobs in the Netherlands has been reduced by one million. These were often jobs for workers with low human capital (low education and/or lack of relevant work experience), who now much more frequently alternate periods of unemployment with temporary work often paying only the minimum wage. This proposal has the overall ambition to reduce the number of people suffering from the consequences of low human capital.