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We are devoted to high quality research and teaching (at both undergraduate and graduate level). It is our mission to attract highly motivated, capable students and to build their talents through a challenging and at times demanding curriculum. Our research is characterized by combining relevance and rigor.

Master's Program

The Master in Economics has been developed for the prospective professional economist who aims to pursue a career either in the public or the private sector. It teaches you the essentials of modern economic theory and how to apply them to everyday problems in a number of core policy fields. Areas of focus include poverty and inequality, social security, strategic decision making, financial markets, economic growth and environmental policy.

Bachelor's Program

The Bachelor’s program in Economics at the VU is a broad education for ambitious students. You learn how to approach relevant policy questions from different angles like macro, micro, finance, development economics and industrial organization. Our students work as consultants, at international organizations, in the financial sector at NGO’s or for the government.


Our research combines rigor and relevance. Our faculty has been involved in designing new school matching mechanisms, regulation and competition policy and policy evaluation in development, labor and health care. We also do more fundamental research on micro foundations of macroeconomics, mechanism design, big data and microeconometrics.

Why should you choose our MSc in Economics?

See what our students say about the programme at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

What students say about the Master's program

It is with great enthusiasm that I look back at my time as a student at the MSc in economics program at the VU. Struggling with formulas, working hard for the exams; it was all worth it and I would not hesitate to do it again. Without my MSc in economics I would not be where I am now: at the International Labour Organization (specialized agency of the UN) in Geneva. The textbook models have now turned into real life questions. I cannot think of any work that is more exiting.

Sabine de Bruijn (graduated in 2012, ILO, Geneva)

What students say about the the Master's program

The MSc Economics at the VU has a quantitative focus and this is a big plus in most professional areas, including mine. Watching the world through the lense of an economist is very useful for many types of business problems. None of this however, was a reason for me to choose economics. I just thought it amazingly interesting to understand why the EU exists, whether I should vote left or right wing and why it was impossible to find a descent rental apartment in Amsterdam. In short, I just wanted to understand the world a bit better.

Josephine de Vries, (graduated 2008, Lead Corporate Strategy Office at Deloitte)

What students say about the the Master's program

I’m glad I used my resources on the MSc Economics at VU University. I was afraid I was ill prepared for this program. Despite its demanding nature, however, the professors were always willing to help out. I thrived in the program, graduated cum laude in 2011, and learned the building blocks for my current occupation as a policy economist for the Dutch Ministry of the Interior. I still use the knowledge I got in the MSc Economics every day, and highly recommend it."

Sjoerd ten Wolde (graduated in 2011, Policy Officer Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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Economics at VU weekend of science

The Economics department was present at the VU weekend of science. Pieter Gautier en Bas van der Klaauw explained school assignment mechanisms where the schools were replaced by chocolate bars.

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